dinsdag 21 september 2010


The Final Report Kind + Jugend 2010: Even posts record results for its golden anniversary.

Kind und Jugend Trade Show
Over 19,000 trade visitors came to the world's largest trade fair for baby and toddler outfitting products. 80 per cent of visitors from abroad. Kind + Jugend impresses buyers with "ideas, innovative products and dealers".  "Sector's most important marketplace". German ministry supports efforts by small and medium sized enterprises at Kind + Jugend to enter foreign markets. Kid's fashion show provides the trade fair with a stylish and emotional event.

On 19th September 2010, after four lively days, Kind + Jugend, the international trade fair for baby and toddler outfitting products, once again came to a close in Cologne with record results. Including conservative estimates for the last day of the fair, more than 19,000 visitors were registered (2009: 18,104), of whom about 75 per cent came from outside Germany. The number of exhibiting companies was also higher than ever before: The 820 exhibitors from 41 countries (80 per cent from abroad) at the fair represented an increase of more than five per cent compared to the previous event. "Kind + Jugend has been providing the sector with momentum for the past 50 years and is continuing to impressively strengthen its position as the world's leading trade fair for baby and toddler outfitting products," said Oliver P. Kuhrt, Executive Vice President of Koelnmesse GmbH, with visible satisfaction.

A total of 163 exhibitors from Germany and 656 from abroad presented their innovations to an international trade audience at this year's Kind + Jugend. The suppliers included numerous key accounts as well as smaller companies that exhibited at the fair for the first time. For example, 15 companies took advantage of the "Newcomers" offer, which gives young, innovative companies from Germany an opportunity to receive funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) for their participation at Kind + Jugend. Two of these newcomer companies won a Kind + Jugend Innovation Award, which was presented in seven categories this year. "This funding makes it easier for the young and creative SME segment to enter foreign markets by participating in international trade fairs in Germany. The two start-up companies Twinkle Kid and Juka 9 took good advantage of this opportunity," explained a ministry spokesperson.

Companies from all segments reported that they made good contacts and that business was excellent. "The trade fair is even more international than in the record year of 2009. We completely achieved our targets," said Thomas Koch, Managing Director of Sterntaler GmbH. This assessment was also confirmed by Dieter Meise, CEO of Meise Möbel GmbH & Co. KG, who said: "We are very satisfied with the results of the fair. We have made many excellent contacts, which is exactly why we decided to take part in Kind + Jugend." A first-time exhibitor at the fair, Meise Möbel GmbH & Co. KG attracted visitors' attention with an emotive marketing concept, and the company is already making plans for next year. The fair's increased strength also impressed Robert Anslow, Managing Director of the Baby Product Association (BPA), which came to Cologne from the UK with 30 participants this year. "Our members are very satisfied," he said. "The trade fair is even better than last year, which is why Kind + Jugend is now a must event for our sector." An Italian media representative exclaimed that "the trade fair's development has been really great. The diverse range of exhibitors and mix of offerings is fantastic. What I really like is that the exhibitors have further upgraded their trade fair presentations this year, thus contributing to the fair's overall level of quality."

Exhibitors once again praised the visitors' excellent credentials and high level of decision-making competence. "We're highly satisfied with how the fair went. Besides registering an increase in the number of contacts, we were also very impressed in every respect by the high level of the visitors' decision-making authority," emphasised Heinz-Werner Mangelmann, Managing Director of baby & family GmbH, who not only met suppliers and trade partners at the fair, but also won over new customers. "Kind + Jugend is simply the sector's most important marketplace," he added. This assessment is also confirmed by the initial results of the visitor survey, which showed that more than 91 per cent of the trade visitors said they played either a key role or a supporting and consulting role in purchasing or procurement decisions at their respective companies. At the same time, 85 per cent of the survey participants said the product range on display at Kind + Jugend was good or very good. A total of 84 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their visit to the fair. Wilhelm Weischer, Managing Director of BabyOne Franchise- und Systemzentrale GmbH, also came to the conclusion that the trade fair was a success. "We have regularly visited Kind + Jugend ever since BabyOne was founded 22 years ago," he said. "The fair's broad range of offerings has always provided us with lots of ideas and we have always found innovative new products and suppliers. In this way, Kind + Jugend has made a dynamic and customer-orientated contribution to enhancing our range of products."

Presentation of the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award - the trade fair's quality seal
The Kind + Jugend Innovation Award's importance at the national and international levels is also confirmed by the number of products submitted by the participants competing for the coveted trophy, which in 2010 rose once again, this time to a total of 213 products. The entries accepted for the competition were all newly developed or enhanced products that are unlike items already available on the market in terms of form, appearance, material properties, ease of use, and/or technology.

The winners of the Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards 2010
• World of Moving Baby (prams and travel systems). Babyzen, RECARO GmbH & Co. KG

• World of Travelling Baby (children's car seats) Cybex Pallas-fix plus Isofix connect. Columbus Trading Partners GmbH

• World of Moving Baby & Travelling Baby Accessories (accessories for prams, travel systems and children's car seats). Free Rider, Phil and Teds

• World of Baby Safety at Home (safety-related products for babies and toddlers at home). Juka 9, Struck Handelsgesellschaft mbH

• World of Baby Textiles (home textiles, baby and toddler clothing etc.). Twinkle Kid UG

• World of Baby Care (hygiene products and electrical appliances). iiamo Go, iiamo Aps

• World of Baby Furniture (children's furniture and accessories). Angel 2010, Baby Dan A/S

Kind + Jugend in figures
A total of 820 companies from 41 countries, 80 per cent of which came from abroad, participated in Kind + Jugend 2010. The participants included 163 exhibitors from Germany as well as 656 exhibitors and one additionally represented company from abroad. Including estimates for the last day of the fair, Kind + Jugend 2010 attracted around 19,000 trade visitors from 106 countries, approximately 75 per cent of whom came from abroad.*

* All figures have been calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM) and are subject to audit by a certified auditor (http://www.fkm.com/)

Next Kind + Jugend Trade Fair: 15th to 18th September 2011.

Note for editorial offices
Further information and images from Kind + Jugend can be found in the Press section at http://www.kindundjugend.de/


zaterdag 4 september 2010


Estafette voor wereldmoeders toert door Nederland aan vooravond MDG +10 top. Van 4 t/m 17 september 2010 toert de estafette voor wereldmoeders met bekende en onbekende Nederlanders in oude Volkswagen busjes kriskras door Nederland.

Simavi moeders | Wereldmoeders
Het doel van de estafette voor wereldmoeders, een initiatief van gezondheidsorganisatie Simavi, is om zoveel mogelijk Nederlanders een petitie te laten ondertekenen die er bij de minister van Buitenlandse Zaken op aandringt het onderwerp moedersterfte hoog op de internationale politieke agenda te plaatsen én niet op dit thema te bezuinigen.

Van 20 t/m 22 september komen regeringsleiders bijeen in New York om de voortgang van de millenniumdoelen te bespreken. Millenniumdoel 5 (moedersterfte) loopt het verste achter.

Meer dan een half miljoen vrouwen sterven onnodig in het kraambed
Dit jaar is het 10 jaar geleden dat de wereldleiders hebben beloofd ziekte, honger en armoede voor 2015 ver terug te brengen. Met sommige van de Millenniumdoelen gaat het goed, andere blijven ver achter. Nog steeds sterven jaarlijks ruim 536.000 vrouwen onnodig tijdens zwangerschap of bevalling omdat zorg tekortschiet. Millenniumdoel 5 is daarmee de hekkensluiter van de Millenniumdoelen. Verandering is mogelijk door te investeren in seksuele voorlichting aan jongeren, voorbehoedsmiddelen voor vrouwen die niet zwanger willen worden, scholing van (traditionele) vroedvrouwen, betere bereikbaarheid en betaalbaarheid van ziekenhuizen voor de armsten, medicatie om bijvoorbeeld bloedingen te stelpen en veilige zwangerschapsafbrekingen indien de zwangerschap ongewenst is.

Picknicken in het geboortebos
De estafette voor wereldmoeders doet in september 15 Millenniumgemeenten aan. In al deze gemeenten vragen burgemeesters en wethouders op een ludieke manier aandacht voor het probleem moedersterfte. Zo veranderen de buiken van een recordaantal zwangere vrouwen in kunst, picknickt een burgemeester met zwangere vrouwen in het zogenaamde geboortebos en rennen bekende Nederlanders mee in een buggy-race. De estafette kan worden gevolgd via Twitter, Youtube en Flickr.

De estafette voor wereldmoeders start op 4 september in Breda en gaat dan door naar de andere Millennium Gemeenten zoals Arnhem, Haarlem, Wassenaar, Meppel, Groningen, Tytsjerksteradiel, Wageningen, Zaanstad, Heerhugowaard, Nieuwegein, Zwolle, Oss en Den Haag. De estafette is een initiatief van Simavi in samenwerking met de Nationale Postcode Loterij, VNG International (Millennium Gemeenten), esta, MYBODY, Belvilla vakantiehuizen en WellWater.

(Bron: persbericht Simavi 1 juli 2010)

donderdag 2 september 2010


Een nieuwe vergelijkingssite doet zijn intrede. De-kinderwagens.nl Hier worden de beste kinderwagens met een korte omschrijving onder de aandacht gebracht.

Latinique kinderwagen
Ik wil je de beschrijving over Koelstra niet onthouden maar als je alles wilt weten kun je ook even de website van Koelstra bezoeken.

Dit schrijft de-kinderwagens.nl over Koelstra:

"Koelstra, een Nederlands bedrijf dat in 1934 is opgericht, biedt kinderwagens met een tijdloos uiterlijk en optimaal gebruiksgemak. Ook Koelstra kinderwagens zijn niet alleen binnen de Nederlandse grenzen te zien, ook in andere landen in Europa zijn de Koelstra kinderwagens te koop.

Duurzaamheid, veiligheid en gebruiksgemak staan hoog in het vaandel bij Koelstra. Maar ook aan het design wordt veel aandacht besteedt. Koelstra kinderwagens hebben een stoere uitstraling, waardoor het niet alleen voor de moeder een plezier is om achter te lopen.

Koelstra biedt diverse modellen kinderwagens en buggy’s aan. De Latinique kinderwagen is een van de bekendere, maar Koelstra richt zich ook op ouders die twee kinderen in een kinderwagen willen vervoeren. Met de Duo kinderwagen en duo buggy neemt u uw tweeling gemakkelijk mee naar uw bestemming".

Wil je weten wat de-kinderwagens.nl verder nog schrijft over de Latinique-combi klik dan hier
Wil je weten wat de-kinderwagens.nl verder nog schrijft over de Flexxo Twin-combi klik dan hier

Voor een volledig overzicht van de collectie verwijs ik je graag naar http://www.koelstra.com/